Gettysburg, PA & Surrounding Area

Landscaping Rental Equipment - Gettysburg Pa

Nolt’s Mulch Products Offers Rentals at Affordable Rates

Nolt’s Mulch Products Inc. offers rental equipment to customers for their landscaping projects in Gettysburg, PA, and the surrounding area. We have affordable rates for our equipment. The equipment is easy to use even for first-time users, effective for your landscaping projects and will help you get the jobs done quickly. When you need to rent equipment from us, call our friendly staff at (717) 334-0849.

Stone & Rock Available at Nolt’s Mulch Products Inc. Include:

Plate Tampers Used to Compact Soil & More

Plate tampers are used to compact soil, sand and gravel. There are different sizes of equipment, but they all have a steel plate on the bottom. The smaller walk-behind plate tamper that we offer has a reciprocating vibrating action made by an offset counter weight built within the tamper frame. Once the machine is turned on, the flat, heavy plate starts to move up and down as quickly as the operator wants. The rapid impacts force the soil to compact and pack together tightly.

Self-Propelled Compost Spreaders Distribute Many Materials

Our Ecolawn Self-Propelled compost spreaders can spread a wide variety of materials, including compost, pelletized products, soil mix, calcite clay, lime, and crumb rubber. Equipped with a 5.5 horsepower Honda engine, these walk-behind tools are reliable, efficient and easy to move on or around lawns, crops, hedges and sports fields. The spreaders are lightweight (290 pounds), durable and make turning around obstacles easy.

Dandy-Lion Killer Gets Rid of Dandelions Safely

For those homeowners who want to get rid of the dandelions from their yard, Nolt’s Mulch Products Inc. offers rentals of the Dandy-Lion Killer from F/S Manufacturing. The equipment utilizes a 20-gallon tank on an attachment on a riding lawnmower. The sprayer can be used with the risk of chemical drift killing nearby flowers and plants.