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When homeowners, business owners, and farmers in Gettysburg, PA, and throughout the entire surrounding area need quality compost, they turn to Nolt’s Mulch Products. We process and sell the very best, a product that is sure to improve and maintain the health of our customers’ soil.
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What Exactly is Compost?

Simply stated, compost is not soil. Compost forms from the breakdown of organic material. Heat generation sanitizes the resulting product, and then we process it more to make it beneficial for plant growth. When you apply compost to soil, it can boost the soil’s physical and chemical attributes, keeping it healthy. And while it typically does the same job, compost is not the same as fertilizer.

Compost Has Many Purposes and Benefits

Compost has countless purposes; people use it just as they would use potting soil or fertilizer. In fact, using it will reduce the need for fertilizer. Its benefits are overwhelming. Compost will help condition the soil, build good soil structure, and help the dirt to maintain a neutral pH balance. It also retains nutrients, air, and water and protects the soil against drought. It can be a natural pesticide for soil, and also protect plants from diseases.

Get the Best Compost from Nolt’s Mulch Products

When you choose to use compost, choose the compost from Nolt’s Mulch Products. We make sure that our customers always get the very best product for any of their purposes. Our team can answer any and all questions about compost in general and the particulars of its use for your needs.
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