Nolt’s Mulch Products, INC.
Last update 3/23/20

This page describes our currect response to the COVID-19 outbreak and resultant government actions. It will be updated as our policies change.
Nolt’s Mulch is committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees and in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are continuously evaluating our operations. We realize that the products and services we supply are important to many people and will attempt to continue operations as we are able while simultaneously making every effort to limit the potential of spreading the disease. In response to Governor Wolfe’s order closing all non “life-sustaining” businesses we currently intend to continue the following operations:
OperationNAICS CodeCommentSubsectorIndustry Group
Soil and soil amendment delivery115112 Ordering, dispatch and transportation and delivery of finished soil and soil amendments for agricultureSupport activities for agriculture & crop productionsSupport activities for crop production in food industry
Recycling of yard waste and other wood waste562119Drop off of yard waste on site by third partiesWaste Management and Remediation servicesYard waste and recycle
Grinding and screening of wood waste562219Grinding of wood waste dropped off for aging storage and conversion to mulchWaste Management and Remediation servicesWaste Treatment and Disposal
Repair and maintenance of heavy equipment used in other processes811310Repair, maintenance, part ordering, scheduling and transport of heavy equipment used in business processesRepair and maintenanceCommercial and Industrial Machinery
And Equipment repair and maintenance
Transportation of various products and precursors484220Ordering, Dispatch and transportation and delivery of finished products as well as precursorsTruck transportationSpecialized freight trucking general freight trucking agriculture commodities
Despite our belief that as defined in NAICS the operations listed above fall within the activities allowed to continue under the governors order we continue to take a variety of measures to reduce contact and are attentive to any potential changes in the governor’s plan.
What does this mean for our customers?

At this time Nolt’s Mulch will continue to deliver through non contact interactions. Orders must be placed by phone , paid for by credit card over the phone and site prepared to ensure driver does not need to interact onsite.

Nolt’s Mulch will be allowing pickup at our retail location via a non contact process. Upon arrival customers are to remain in their vehicles, place orders by phone, pay by credit card over the phone and will then be loaded without customer interaction from our closed cab loaders.

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